To continue my goal for the month of making things fresh, I’ve rethought (and/or re-established) a few of my “never agains.”

Never Will I Ever…do yoga.

Except that (second) time I signed up for a hot yoga class. On a 97 degree day.

This was a…unique…experience. Guided by an instructor whose true calling was that of auctioneer. I’ve never had so much yoga yelled at me so fast in so much heat. Maybe I’ll try again next winter.

Never Will I Ever…drink kombucha.

Except yesterday morning when I talked myself into giving it one more shot at Whole Foods.


Nope. It still tastes like overpriced ass.

Never Will I Ever…run.

Except three days in the past week when I’ve jogged.

And by “jogged” I mean “walked with interspersed shuffling.”

Never Will I Ever…sweat.

Except during hot yoga and hotter runs.


I take it for granted that I am not a sweaty person. But then straight wetness from the sports bra down.

Never Will I Ever…eat scallops.

Except when I’m at a fancy restaurant and decide to finally try getting past my childhood hatred/utter loathing of them.


Despite battling un-fond memories…these were damn good. Crusty walnuts, blue cheese and strawberry-mango salsa helped.

Never Will I Ever…drink my breakfast.

Except the past two mornings when I’ve whipped up a green-banana-smoothie.


Still not a lasting source of satisfaction, but it’s worked as some pre-workout fuel (when I know I can come home and scarf real food soon).

Hits and misses, but shrugging off a few more self-imposed rules to give things a second (or third or fourth) chance? It’s been a good week.

What’s an exception to one of your “rules?”