Schedule change-up! Didn’t feel like posting yesterday. So guess what? I didn’t. I was going to get my Week-in-Review on, but my weekend recap just wasn’t flowing. Unlike some other things in my life. See, I’ve been changing more than my blogging schedule. I’m working on shaking up my old routine and rerouting a few not-that-great habits, and in the process? I’m finding more time while rushing less, although I’m not quite sure how that’s working. I believe we can examine this phenomenon further with a fresh day-in-the-life!

Wake up at 4:30am.

This used to be 4am. See? Now it’s a reasonable hour.

Roll onto the floor, do some yoga (aka 10-ish minutes of stretching). 

This used to be “stumble into the kitchen, fumble for coffee.”

Make some smooce (I’m not really sure if this counts as a smoothie or as juice).

This used to be “make and scarf a big breakfast.”


Finish my  smooce while free-writing in my journal.

This used to be “frantically tidy and pack for the day.”

Hit the patio at 6am. Sip coffee, read and/or watch the garden grow.

This used to be “hit the gym at 5am. Come home, frantically get showered, dressed and out the door.”

Start work at 7am. Eat second breakfast. Stare at a computer screen.

This hasn’t changed.

Hit the gym at 11am.

This used to be “take a quick 15 minute walk or just skip lunch break altogether.”

Work 2pm to 6pm. Stare at a computer screen.

This used to be “work 11:15am to 4pm. Stare at a computer screen.”

Go for a walk while waiting for for traffic to subside.

This used to be “angrily sit in traffic. Angrily get home.”

Get home and leisurely make dinner.

This used to be “pull something out of the freezer.”


Tidy the house, relax, spend time with friends.

This used to be “unproductively kill time until friends get out of work.”

Hit the hay.

Nope, hasn’t changed much. I still tend to sleep on a regular nightly basis. (Now think of all I could get done if I could just change that requirement.)

So how have I found more hours without actually finding more hours? I just…slowed down. It seems counter-intuitive, and yet it feels so wonderful. Everything is still getting done. With a heck of a lot less internal pressure. Yes, I still have my frantic days, my days filled with “shoulds” and the days when my schedule just won’t cooperate, but then I simply remember my favorite things try to remember to just take it easy. Life’s meant to be enjoyed, not rushed through.

Are there enough hours in your day? How do you remind yourself to slow down?