Although I spent a weekend (and the greater portion of last week) taking no pictures, I couldn’t miss my girl Meg’s linkup two weeks in a row.


And since my fridge does tell the story of my life, here’s my week in review, via my fridge in review.


A. Tuesday. What would my life be if I didn’t stock up on cheap old groceries? And then go out for Thai food despite just having gone grocery shopping.

B. Wednesday. I made almond milk (and by-product almond meal)! With nothing more than a Magic Bullet and old t-shirt. (Well,Β and almonds.) This is actually round 2, since my first attempt disappeared into err, just a few iced coffees, while the meal went into last week’s baking adventures.

C. Thursday. Leftover limes from having Heather and the man-friend over for tacos. A get-together they reciprocated by inviting me to a BBQ party to end all BBQ parties on Saturday (details of the marvelousness on Heather’s blog today).

D. Friday. Picked up my chicken CSA. Slow-cooked that sucker to perfection with onions and fresh thyme and rosemary from my herb garden. What do you do with your Friday nights?


A1, 2 and 3: Saturday. Jetted off to the farmer’s market before watching my dad and his softball team play in the Senior Olympics. Despite the fact that I bought eggs earlier in the week, I couldn’t resist farm-fresh (A1). And despite my best intentions to not not not buy vegetables (since my garden is producing out of control), I still ended up with beets (A2) which I roasted up in foil. I did get theΒ one item I actually meant to buy–more local pimiento goat cheese (A3).

B: Sunday. I emptied the garden. Cucumbers went into a big bowl with vinegar and onion for fresh pickles. Zucchinis were eaten. Okra was eaten. And I spent all day harvesting, cleaning, steaming and freezing mustard greens after finally admitting I can’t keep up with eating them fresh.

So there you have it! My somewhat empty fridge. There is also a shelf of condiments, but all that says about me is: I really like ketchup. And y’all already knew that one…

What does your fridge say about you? What did you get into this weekend?