Have I ever mentioned I’m a bit fruity? No? Well, let’s go back in time and take a trip down memory lane. To last weekend.

I mentioned my budget lockdown on Monday–So what’s this week’s money-saving advice? Eat other people’s fruit! Fruit is expensive. Not-your-food is free! So when I visited my parents last weekend, I made sure to raid their fridge for fresh, juicy goodness.

Like freshly picked berries.


Perfect plain or on big bowls of cereal.

Like entire cantaloupes.

Eaten in one sitting (or, rather, one standing-next-to-the-fridge). I wish I was exaggerating. No I don’t. I’m still not entirely sure how I fit it all in me, but, oh, it was delicious.

Like fresh watermelon.


Fresh watermelon with cracked pepper and mint. Yes, totally stole this idea after going to Heather and the Man-Friend’s BBQ last week.

Like leftover watermelon.


Blended with plenty of lime, tequila and triple sec. People are much more willing to share their fruit if you ply them with liquor.

Like bargain bananas.

If you simply must buy your own fruit, go bananas!


Closeout organic bananas for $0.38/lb! That equals 8 bananas for $0.85, or $0.11 each! Perfect for bowls of crunchy and peanut-buttery goodness.


Have any frugal fruit tips?