As my first full week of joblessness wraps up, a few facts are becoming clear.

Fact: I have free time! I read three books in one week.

Fact: I don’t particularly care about the 4th of July. It got rained out. I wasn’t really that bummed.

Fact: I’m more hipster than I’d like to admit. I bought typewriter ribbon.


Fact: I’m going to write a novel. Or at least bang away on my computer, clack away on my typewriter, scratch away on my notebook, and have fun wasting a lot of paper.

Fact: I’m still hooked on fruit. A salad of melon plus jalapeno-stuffed olives? Sweet, salty, spicy and #strangebutgood.


Fact: I need a (part-time) job. Money aside, I’m going stir-crazy.

Fact: I love my family and friends. That free time business? I’ve been rediscovering just how fabulous the people in my life are.

What would you do with a jobless week?