I love food! Real food, whole food, flavorful food. And the occasional Poptart and side of ketchup. Healthy is great and all, but so are Poptarts and ketchup. Separately. Maybe together? I’ve never tried.

(You can find an unorganized selection of my recipes via the recipe category.)

I grew up in a family that reveled in real, good, homemade and homegrown food. I can’t be more grateful for a solid base in enjoying healthy food–although I could have done without a few evenings of sitting at the table for hours until I gagged down my (by then) cold and soggy broccoli.

I became vegetarian in high school after reading Animal Liberation and vegan after I entered college. The more I read about personal health problems, environmental issues and ethical concerns related to eating meat, the happier I was with my decision. I enjoyed my plant-based diet for years and developed a passion for making big messes in the kitchen (aka “cooking”).

Despite my firm conviction that you can lived a balanced and incredibly healthy life as a vegan, I recently returned to eating meat after struggles with rules and restrictions. I am now focusing on simple meals with basic, delicious ingredients, and I work on getting local, farm-raised meat to go with the vegetables I pull from my backyard garden.