I like weights. Heavy weights. Lifting is the most frustrating and rewarding hobby I’ve found yet. I dream of competing in a figure competition, but I have a long way to go and I’m in no rush. It’s taken me 26 years to find this passion, so I plan on enjoying every moment of it. And the journey to get here? I enjoyed that too.

Horse Riding

Horses were my thing for my first 19 years of life. I bought the stunning beauty below when I was 14 and spent every free moment either riding or working to keep him (horses ain’t cheap). My baby boy passed away, and I didn’t have the heart to get back on the trail after.


Group Fitness

I joined a gym for the first time shortly thereafter, and focused on fitness classes for the next two years. I took every one possible: step, circuit, body pump, you name it. I even got certified and taught for awhile! But as soon as fitness became my job, I missed the “escape” it otherwise provided. I switched to that solo-time lover’s dream…


I could never crank out the miles like so many of you killer cardio queens, but I ran a good 2-3 miles a day, and sometimes loved it, but mostly did it because I thought running is what fitness was.


After hurting my ankle I turned back to some of the free weight exercises I remembered from my teaching days. And then I discovered The New Rules of Lifting for Women. And I finally had a direction! I stuck with that until…


Laura inspired me to tackle weightlifting for real and set figure competing as a goal. She introduced me to her trainer, the glories of protein and the benefits of really lifting heavy.

I’m sure my fitness will continue to evolve–and I look forward to every step of it! I’ll always be active, but luckily there are so many “active” options to choose from. So for now and later? I’ll stick with what I love and what makes me feel good!