How long has it been since you just smiled? I can’t seem to stop. I’m housesitting in the country, and I can’t remember the last time life has just felt so good. I have needed one of these get-away-from-it-all breaks for quite some time. It has also given me lots of time for cooking adventures such as:

Cherry-Almond Nicecream Sandwiches

These were inspired by the Frozen Triple B Bites over at The Mommy Bowl. But mine involved some minimal baking and some maximal ingredient substitution (used different fruit/nuts/flour, left out the avocado, used an oven). They are definitely a healthy sort of dessert, but that just means I can eat more of them, right?

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

How do you like to get away? From long trips to a few-minute break, how do you “escape?”