A perfect New Year’s Eve involves:

Getting all your roommates to leave the house.

Spending the evening (in and without roommates) with your best friend.

A little of this:

Okay, these are the leftovers with some homemade lentil bread–the actual meal involved garlic naan, veggie pakoras, chana palak (chickpeas and spinach) and gobi manchurian gravy–all from my absolute favorite Indian restaurant.

A lot of this:

And some crappy horror movies served with these brownies. Holy cow, best brownie recipe I’ve made in a long, long time!

A perfect New Year’s Day involves:

Curling up in a pile of blankets and reading for hours.

Using my slow cooker and this basic recipe to make some beautiful homemade veggie broth:

Getting in my traditional New Year’s collards (with more lentil flat bread–you bet there’s a recipe coming for this simple amazingness):

Don’t forget to start the New Year right with some slow cooking fun, join (or check out!) JamieAnne’s and my bi-weekly slow cooker linkup: