Confessions (Round 2)

For your (or my) reference: Round 1

I’ve still only managed to do What I Ate Wednesday once.

If I check the mailbox and there’s something for me, I’ll bring everyone’s mail in the house. If I check the mail and none of it is for me, I’ll put it all back in the box for someone else to get.

I have got to make the soft pretzel veggie dogs from Karla’s Veggie Noms.

I wear deodorant more often in winter than summer. Related: Why do I always end up with a hygiene confession??

I am in love with Good Reads. I may or may not have spent a significant portion of my yesterday adding books I’ve read. Join and let me know so we can be book-loving nerd friends!

I may or may not have accidentally agreed to a date with late 30s/early 40s man. As a good friend has pointed out repeatedly, the average person would have to try to be as bad at dating/interacting as I am.

I am enough of a fitness dork to do pushups off the sink counter every time I go to the bathroom at work.

I am doing new and drastic things to my hair after work today. I’ll keep you in suspense! Stay tuned.