While most of my garden is waiting to hit its stride, one thing is growing, and growing strong. Mustard greens. Prompting this week’s featured food to be, well, a given. And yes, thanks for noticing, I ate mustard greens for four meals in one day. And have eaten them at least twice a day for almost a week now. Moderation and gardens do not mix.


Ingredients: Mustard greens, banana, faux-milk and hemp seeds.


Result: A pre-workout breakfast drink–sweet yet earthy, with a kick of peppery spice.


Ingredients: Two eggs, mustard greens, baking powder, spices.


Result: Eggy muffin cups for on-the-go snackage.


Ingredients: Mustard greens, parsley, mint, quinoa, onion, lemon juice. Tilapia.


Result: Quinoa tabbouleh on garden lettuce. Yes, I put my salad on a salad. With Moroccan-spiced tilapia.


Ingredients: Almonds and frozen cranberries.

Result: Okay, fine, there were no mustard greens in this one.


Ingredients: Mustard greens, banana peppers, cilantro, garlic, rice vinegar and tempeh.


Result: Tempeh stir-fry!

And there are still enough greens left to feed a (health-conscious) army. Time to start freezing the extras.

Any ideas for how I can use more mustard greens?