I Have Not…

  • Prepared anything for Meatless Monday A to Z. And it’s even a day featuring one of my one true loves: ginger. (Yes, I have multiple one true loves.)
  • Had issues with trust. Woke up this morning and realized I left my car outside over night. With the windows down. And the keys in it.
  • Seen/felt much progress at the gym as of late. It’s time to change things up, make a new plan, eat more food and really focus on hitting the weights hard.
  • Had to throw out my coconut flour after discovering Heather’s coconut pancakes. I added some almond extract for a tasty frangipane-like breakfast. Still won’t buy coconut flour again (should have added it to last Monday’s list of foodie-blogger-things-I-don’t-like), but at least I can use up the bag happily!

I Have…

  • Been in a blogging/workout/food rut. This is going to change. I can feel it.
  • Put on makeup this morning. And brushed my hair. It’s a big day.
  • Gotten things done oustide of the food/Internet/gym world. Wood paneled mess of a painting/workout room? Still wood paneled, but organized! (Before & After shots)

What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut?